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Offshore Oil Rig Jobs in 2013

39,000 New Oil Jobs Could Be Created in the UK This Year!

A report was issued last Friday by the bank of Scotland stating that the UK oil and gas industry is predicting as many as 39,000 NEW JOBS will be created in 2014.

These jobs would be in the UK, Africa, and the Middle East.

According to one high ranking senior oil field representative, “There is an undeniable shortage for skilled craftsmen as well as entry level personnel.”

The industry is trying to meet this shortage by recruiting heavily from recent college and technical school graduates as well as recalling retirees who are veterans of the industry.

Unfortunately, it appears this will not completely fulfill the huge shortage of offshore oil rig job workers.

UK offshore drilling contractors are scrambling to find more creative ways of filling key employment slots.

The UK shortage is just part of the total world wide shortage of rig hands desperately needed at this time. The United States, Canada and other oil producing nations are also experiencing shortages in the personnel department.

The offshore oil rig job industry has immediate openings and is now hiring.

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