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Offshore Oil Rig Jobs in 2013

More Offshore Jobs Available

There is an offshore hiring boom going on right now in the offshore oil rig jobs industry. Be sure to take advantage of it. Over 45 MAJOR COMPANIES have hundreds of advertised worldwide jobs that need to be filled IMMEDIATELY.

Here are some of the jobs that need someone to fill them: Medics, assistant drillers, storekeekeps, maintenance supervisors, materials coordinators, 3rd engineers, electricians, 2nd mates, crane operators, derrickmen, rov pilots, warehouse clerks, welders, painters, roustabouts, AB’s, ordinary seamen, wipers, galley hands and a whole lot more.

For a complete listing of offshore oil rig companies (600 plus) that are now hiring experienced hands as well as entry level personnel, PLUS some insider secrets on to beat out the competition (which there is a lot of) sign up for Direct Access today.

Here are a just a few areas where these jobs are opening up at: The Gulf of Mexico, in Mexico, off the coast of California, in the North Sea, the Middle East, South East Asia, Trinidad, Brazil, Angola, Nigeria, West Africa, Egypt, Australia, France and the Netherlands.

These jobs are not restricted to men only.