Oil Rig Jobs Offshore

Have you ever felt the urge to find a REALLY EXCITING occupation that pays well, offers challenge, adventure, lots of  opportunity and requires you to work only six months out of the year?

  • Are you ready to say goodbye to the monotony of the typical 5 days on, 2 days off, day after day, week after week of a mediocre, no chance for advancement, land locked job?
  • Are you willing to go where the work is and are you willing to work? How would you like to get around a bit and put some excitement in your life for a change?
  • Maybe even a little international travel?

What do you do? How do you break in? These were questions I asked myself when I started my offshore career many years ago. Once I found the answers, I kept accurate notes about my experiences. Eventually I put all this together and created “The Complete Offshore Employment Handbook.”

How about that? I wrote my very own book. AND what I did even inspired a few others to write books of their own about particular circumstances in their life. If you are interested on how I went from oil rigger to author, read chapter 5.

If you are interested in obtaining your personal copy of “The Complete Offshore Employment Handbook”  I’ve got some great news for you.This one of a kind publication is given as a FREE BONUS when you subscribe to our Direct Access subscription services.

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126 thoughts on “Oil Rig Jobs Offshore

  1. Daniel

    I have 6 years experience. I broke out as a roustabout for 2 years. Worked on service rigs for 2 years. Worked deriks on the drilling rig for 2 years and now I’m wanting to go offshore.
    Thanks, Daniel

  2. raffy jay

    i like to be part of offshore job because to get more experience and knowlwege..for now i work in onshore oil industry.

  3. Shubham Acharya

    I’m 17 year old indian,wanna work in US and i hope you were having accomodation for foreigners so please do let me know…

  4. Libores, Sunny R.

    Sir/ma’am I’m Libores, Sunny Roble willing to work with oil rig in any position you required,I don’t have experience in oil field but I’m welling to go under trainee if ever needed..because my experience was on a general cargo ship and my position was a 3rd officer or safety officer on board taking care of all safety equipment..I hope sir/ma’am you can give me a chance to work on your prestigious oil rig company.

  5. habeebulla mohammed

    Good day

    I am Mohammed habeebulla i recived your masseag send update my resume my rank 6g welder offshore vessels totally work experience 12 years so I have a interest your company so kindly any opportunity give me reply sir

    Email id. habeebulla.jhanua@gmail.com
    Call.no- 9959806434.9052409249

    Mohammed habeebulla

  6. terrence heyward

    Hi there I’m Terrence and have experience on vessels pressure wash neddle gun painting fork lift deck hands cleaning assist cook also have letter from ship mates this is something I like to do 6 months on want let you down

  7. edgardo gomez

    Hi well I have no experience on offshore jobs only I job lasted and learn is a grain export and import plant I had always wanted to work on an offshore refiner I like working around people and meeting new people so I really rink this could be a perfect job for me.

  8. John Guda

    I love working offshores as a chef. Its so pleasant and enjoyable to according to work and offs and the entire tean crew. So Iam Looking forward To Work offshores

  9. tacticalmoses

    Good Afternoon Sir, I have no experience but I’m looking to get on an offshore rig. Where do I get a “Z card”? I have my TWIC already but waz told I’ll need a Z card also.

  10. shawn shorts

    My name shawn shorts my number is 8328498873 or reach me at8327741497 I’m interested in working in Galveston bay soon as possible thank u all

  11. george

    I’m a 21yr old frm SA, don’t have any work experience bt are a fast learner and hardworking person,like to work with people in teams..I am very touched by this advert as it is what I seek for a career to build in..

  12. Zain Murtaza

    Hi my name is Zain and I have experience with oil field. I do have H2S alive, work with steam trucks , acid, and vac. Also have all the ticket. And have experience with Johnston stones, and Gibson energy.

  13. james

    i would like a position as a roustabout to start with. i dont mind hard work. i have 18 years experience in painting, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, carpentry and much more. i self employed right now. i have no experience in the oil field, but im a fast learner and a dedicated worker.

  14. John Edward

    Dear sir I am a offshore crane operator I have 12 years experience on offshore oil field as a crane operator 8 years I hold Stage-3 Grade-1 Crane operating Certificate, I hold all offshore document indian CDC HUED HLO all valid OGUK medical, I need the job on Rig or platform or Barge my mail id is ( kingedward2001@gmail.com )

  15. Luke yelvington

    I’ve been reading your book it is greatly appreciate.i have enrolled in twic should be receiving my card soon.12 years as an electrician 7 on industrial sites any advice. I have been applying and submitting resumes anywhere and everywhere getting no replies it’s very discouraging.Any advice???

    1. cptron2 Post author

      What I have found is that most people work better than they write. Unfortunately, the recruiters like to receive resumes / applications that demonstrate good writing skills. Most of the time people who are not getting any decent response need to update and sometimes even possibly rewrite their resume. Our parent site has a subscription service that not only provides hundreds of current job openings, but also a professional critique of your resume or CV. Give it a try, they have a track record of people getting hired.

      1. Luke Telvington

        Cptron2 I am the guy that posted above about my resume. I got that straightened out and I have driven to Port Fourchon from Gainesville Fl. I have my TWIC card now I submitted several resumes yesterday. You weren’t kidding about the billboards probably seen 20 of them with companies hiring between here and Louisiana. Any advice or companies I should talk to while Im here?

  16. Nick Steibel

    I have no experience in offshore oil rig but I’ve been a tractor-trailers an car mechanic for years and have welded for years just looking for something new and that pays better due to supporting girlfriend not having a job and my mother that is disabled and the state won’t help her with her disability if you need more info call Nick 573-535-4593

    1. cptron2 Post author

      If you’ve never worked offshore before you will have to start out at entry level. Once you get about six months experience under your belt you can pick and choose in what direction you want to go in.

  17. Milton Johnwell

    Hi I’m looking for a better job I work at Hollywood casino as a deckhand we cleaning the boat painting sanding

  18. benjamin fuentebella

    gooday sir its a pleasure to work in you company i have sea expierience and can work extended hour also i can work multitasking job.

  19. richard ott

    I have done air freight for two and a half years did W Airport we moved about 2.7 million kilos every two days plus I drove trucks went back to school for electrical and telecommunication

  20. alec leisk

    i am currently going through my ropes rigging banksman but finding it very hard to gain contacts any advice

    alec uk

  21. Maynardbuckley

    Hi my name is Maynard. Buckley I live in cleveland tx Iam looking for an oil rig job Iam a hard worker Iam looking in Texas some where if any one knows some one hireling please help me get a job Iam looking for next month if any one knows of a rig hiring please email me at maybuckley38@gmail.com thank you

  22. Monica

    my fiance is interested in working offshore on an oil rig near houston texas and has never done a job like that. he is a hard worker. right now hes a handyman.

    1. travis alexander

      Just got laid off with my job. I don’t have any experience but im a quick learner and would like to get an opportunity

  23. scott

    Hi im 41years old been in construction since left school.Carpenter to trade with over 15years off contracts managment and been a supervisor and in charge of running sites.looking for new start willing to work doing anything use to long hours and being away from home.Willing to work anywhere in the world whats my chances of getting offshore im willing to do anything and start at bottom .Was going to do 4week drilling coarse in canada to give me a little experience prior sending applications what you think my chances of a career offshore would be.
    Thanks Scott

  24. Michael Baisden

    I am a self motivated person,with good job skills and work ethics.I have done several different job duties in the power plant industry.I have worked several commercial jobs. I have certifications in OSHA 10,rigging, crane signaling, boom lifts,ect.I would like to experience oil rig jobs. Off shoe or any available. Will travel

  25. Courtland James Sewell

    Hi my names Courtland I’m interested in working on a oil rig I have a friend working out their and he tells me great stories and I love working around that type of field and would love to hear back from y’all I possible you can call at 214-641-7085 thank you for your time.

  26. Kevin Warren

    I have 4 years experience in construction work and 1 year experience floorhand drilling rig jack knife double hydraulic rig I’m currently out of a job I’m hard working willing to learn

  27. Laurence Cristobal

    Good day!

    Im a marine eng’g.graduate and currently working onboard LNG Tanker as Oiler, under managed by SHELL London.I’d like to upgrade to my work and want to experience working on oil rig,if theres any position that will fit for me. Im holding as C-1D U.S. Visa,Seamansbook & Passport. You may reach me thru my email: lancejearouce_20@yahoo.com

  28. Vishnu Prasad

    Hello sir,
    I am a under graduation student. I am having much interest in oil and gas offshore rig jobs anywhere in the world and it is my dream to have a job in the offshore field of oil rig. I am expecting a long term service in this field along with hard working attitude but don’t know how to enter in this field. So please guide me, how to enter in this job because I am ready in any entry level position on oil rig. So kindly guide me to get a better career in the oil rig company.

  29. Wileana Wise

    I’m looking to work offshore..I’m a young woman who is a very hard worker use to working in printing factory fill with men. Would love to have the opportunity to work offshore. Use to getting dirty and working long hours.I do have my T.W.I.C. Card. Please email me with information. w.wisechild@yahoo.com

  30. Dipeesh k thankachan

    Have any job vaccancy in offshore.i’m a fresher i’ve one month training experiance in onshore.i have good hardworking mind. My multy qualifications are 1. BE EEE 2. Diploma in oil&gas, 3. QA/QC in mechanical welding..,
    my mail id:dipeeshthankachan@gmail.com

  31. NeverGiveUp28

    I have 1 year offshore experience (Maritime) as a SSO for a shipping company, 2 years non-destructive testing experience (MPI, UTWT) and 3 years paint experience (Retail), as well as a variety of certificates for that field. I am currently residing in South Africa and I would like to know what procedures should I follow to obtain my TWIC card and other relevant qaulifications to apply for offshore oil rig opportunities?

  32. Belinda Fultz

    I have fifteen years welding experience mostly in shipyards, three years on oil rig repair. I am also willing to do any other type of work. Please send me information

  33. manmohan singh

    Hell sir my self manmohan singh. From india. State -himachal pradesh. Iam intrsted to join the rig. Iam ready to any work on the rig .so plz contact my own persnal no. 9816637768. Plz rply.

  34. Alphonso Davis

    I have no experience of offshore jobs, but I have a kind of hard working attitude. As per qualification I am a higher secondary passed out guy. I’m looking forward to seeking a secure any entry level position on oil rigs. Kindly guide me to make a career in the oil rig industry. Alphonso Davis 3184520161 (phone) and alphonso.davis16@yahoo.com (e-mail)

  35. Tyler Robertson

    Hey Ron! I am in the military and am thinking pretty hard about and entry level job where I can advance fast! If you could give me some info and help that would be great! Thank you!


  36. Giannis alevropoulos

    I m second officer i have chief officer lisence and i request job on offshores best regards giannis

  37. papinder singh

    Sir, i am papinder singh , presently working in INDIAN NAVY, as senior aviation technical specialist. i have keen interest to join offshore oil rig
    1) i have prepared a draft resume, do guide me where to post you
    2) Sir , i am interested in buying you premium service, but i am retiring on 30 August 2014
    will it be good to join know
    regards sir !

  38. david moody

    My work history is I’ve worked on land.drilling rigs for more than ten years worked from lead tongs to driller I also spent the last six years as an electrician where can I go to work today not desperate just want to do what I love and that’s roughnecking if you can point me in the right direction

  39. david moody

    I think this book gives a lot of insight to the upcoming roughness that’s trying to get hired with these suit companies that make you go through all kinds of red tape before you even get the job

  40. Brandon

    Im a father of five wonderful children and a very surportive wife. Im curently working for fed ex grounds and tired of working for nothing. No insurance no paid time off and a day rate of 100.00 dollars. 12 to 15 hrs every day and to top it off no retirement. Im so ready for a change„ im a very hard worker and willing to learn… thank you for your time… 318 277 1447 please notify me.

  41. Philip Kapchinski

    Since I was 16 till 22 I’ve done construction. And then worked in warehouse. So I definitely know hard work and tough conditions. in 6yra worked my way up from picking to WH/ Product Sup with Pepsi. No longer happy , looking for new change of paste. New trade. Need something that pays close to what I made and the oil and gas industry is that. Willing to start from the bottom as before. Does anyone know of any offshore or inland rig hiring? Very eager to learn

  42. dnyanesh b kedare

    well i have no experience of offshore jobs, but i have a kind of hard working attitude. as per qualification i am a higher secondary passed out guy. looking forward to secure any entry level position on oil rigs. kindly guide me to make a career in the oil rig industry.

    1. cptron2 Post author

      Having no prior experience is he biggest roadblock to folks who want to work offshore.
      However, it doe not make things impossible. What type of responses have you been
      getting from you job search?

  43. Darius Johnson

    Looking to be one of ur candidate an to become a partner wt your company. I have all my qualifity. If by any chance yall are hiring could you please contact me at 337-296-2727 or 337-354-6509

  44. Kristin

    I want to know if there is opportunity off shore for a 55 year old female. I am an architect and very smart and will retire soon and want to work in a 14 days on and 14 days off situation. I don’t particulary want to be in the kitchen, but if that would get me hired I would do it. What is the likelihood I could find work off the Texas or Louisiana coast?

    1. cptron2 Post author

      Thanks for your email. I would say the chances are very good. There were 4.000 NEW JOBS created offshore Louisiana / Texas in the first half of 2013. The two things you need most to start applying are reliable contacts and a professional presentation of your background, education, experiences, skills, etc.
      good luck!

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  46. Paul

    I am a UK based male looking for a new career direction with no qualifications relevant to the offshore industry except a willingness to work hard. I am used to long hours at work and up to 6weeks away from family.. Is it worthwhile for myself to think about a career offshore ??.. Many thanx

  47. ceo kathryn klaber

    Hey There. I discovered your weblog using msn.
    This is a really neatly written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to learn more of your helpful information. Thank you for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

  48. Syed muddasir aziz

    Hello sir,
    myself muddasir ,i m a mechanical engineer currently working in ongc india ,in maintenance department since 2 years,currently looking for a better opportunity in offshore.please help me to get a good job in offshore .
    cell no .+91-9972852146

  49. stephen quitong

    im 13 yrs working oil tanker im looking offshore job im hoping this is my chance to serve your good company.this is my contact number 00-639084260600 my email:stephenquitong@yahoo.com

  50. Matt

    I would like to secure an entry level position off shore, but I have a felony assault charge from 9 years ago as a result of a barfight, young and dumb…
    wil this stop me from getting hired? I have a solid work history, owned my own business, managed a warehouse, carpentry, construction, labor, etc.

  51. Udayashankar PR

    I have more than 01 year experience in Offshore Jacj Up Rig as Radio Operator and HLO and presently in South Pars Sea. Also 15 years experience in Indian Navy as RO & Safety Officer. Looking for new openings.

  52. jesse Hyndman

    I am presently looking for a job off shore as an Helicopter Landing Officer(HLO),Radio Operator Or an Emergerncy Medical Technician (EMT) I am interested in a job offshore you can contact me at 313-0865/6303067:Email:jesse_hyndman@yahoo.com i am looking forward to hear from you.

    Jesse Hyndman

    1. cptron2 Post author

      Thanks for your comment. How long have you been seeking offshore employment, what have you done to secure it and what have your results been?


      1. jesse Hyndman

        I have been looking for a job on the Rig for like a year and a half and I never got no response
        I have a family to see bout and I spend over $20.000 in courses to secure a job Offshore I need some assistance please

        Jesse Hyndman

  53. ather shamsuddin

    My self ather shamsuddin I am having 2 years experience in offshore oil field . I am interested in your company sir reply me sir thank you

  54. Craig carter

    I’m based in the uk and seeking offshore work as a rigger/erector. I have 9 years onshore construction and oil and gas experience. I have obtained opito level 3 rigging, euro bosiet and mist I hold other certs construction industry based ( IPAF, PASMA, SMSTS, harness trained) I’m looking for a new career and will work anywhere for any time period.

  55. Troy Huls

    I have 28 years of sea experience. Hold 100 ton 200 unlimited AB and tanker endorsement I currently for for a tug company. I’m looking to go over sea’s

    Troy Huls

    1. cptron2 Post author

      Troy, thanks for you comment. You have the exact experience that is being sought at these days. How many resumes have you sent out and what have the results been?

      Cpt Ron

  56. Lenderay Wilson Jr.

    I work as a deckhand on the Mississippi River for AEP river operations and I am looking for a more lucrative career path as it seems that being a pilot or captain is in the distant future. I attempted to apply for my z card and other licenses necessary to complete further job training but I was told that for some well paying offshore jobs that very minimal certification is required

  57. sachin u raibole

    Presetly i m working for rowan companies as a mech.trainee on rig bob palmer in saudi arabia.if any recruitments for mech. please inform.thankyou


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