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Offshore Oil Rig Jobs in 2013

100 Offshore Operators Needed


US Offshore has approximately 100 openings
for EXPERIENCED ONLY offshore production
facility operators.

  • Lead operators
  • “A” Production Operators
  • “B” Production Operators

These jobs are offshore Louisiana, some
are shore based. Most of the work schedules are
14/14, some are 7/7.

Wages are dependent upon your experience.
Contact Veronica Reyes

  • 337-408-2297


Things are really booming right here in the USA
US Gulf of Mexico and Canada. Recruiters are having
a hard time finding dependable personnel.

^fname^, if you would like additional information
and current contacts on companies NOW HIRING
offshore personnel sign up today for Direct Access.

Thanks and have a great day!
Cpt Ron

“A Calm Sea Never Makes for a Skillful Sailor”

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More Offshore Jobs Available

There is an offshore hiring boom going on right now in the offshore oil rig jobs industry. Be sure to take advantage of it. Over 45 MAJOR COMPANIES have hundreds of advertised worldwide jobs that need to be filled IMMEDIATELY.

Here are some of the jobs that need someone to fill them: Medics, assistant drillers, storekeekeps, maintenance supervisors, materials coordinators, 3rd engineers, electricians, 2nd mates, crane operators, derrickmen, rov pilots, warehouse clerks, welders, painters, roustabouts, AB’s, ordinary seamen, wipers, galley hands and a whole lot more.

For a complete listing of offshore oil rig companies (600 plus) that are now hiring experienced hands as well as entry level personnel, PLUS some insider secrets on to beat out the competition (which there is a lot of) sign up for Direct Access today.

Here are a just a few areas where these jobs are opening up at: The Gulf of Mexico, in Mexico, off the coast of California, in the North Sea, the Middle East, South East Asia, Trinidad, Brazil, Angola, Nigeria, West Africa, Egypt, Australia, France and the Netherlands.

These jobs are not restricted to men only.

39,000 New Oil Jobs Could Be Created in the UK This Year!

A report was issued last Friday by the bank of Scotland stating that the UK oil and gas industry is predicting as many as 39,000 NEW JOBS will be created in 2014.

These jobs would be in the UK, Africa, and the Middle East.

According to one high ranking senior oil field representative, “There is an undeniable shortage for skilled craftsmen as well as entry level personnel.”

The industry is trying to meet this shortage by recruiting heavily from recent college and technical school graduates as well as recalling retirees who are veterans of the industry.

Unfortunately, it appears this will not completely fulfill the huge shortage of offshore oil rig job workers.

UK offshore drilling contractors are scrambling to find more creative ways of filling key employment slots.

The UK shortage is just part of the total world wide shortage of rig hands desperately needed at this time. The United States, Canada and other oil producing nations are also experiencing shortages in the personnel department.

The offshore oil rig job industry has immediate openings and is now hiring.

If you are interested in getting one of the high paying and rewarding jobs (experienced and entry level personnel) sign up today for Direct Access.

Oil Drilling Job Vacancies Hits 30 Year High

Oil and gas drilling is not only booming in North America, but it is at the highest it has been in over 30 years in other major countries around the world. Compared to 2008 statistics, the number of working rigs is up more than 20%. This demand in drilling activity has created a spike in both on and offshore oil rig jobs.

In the middle east, where the boom is the greatest (other than in North America), the number of operating rigs has tripled since 1999, with a record 400 onshore and offshore rigs now working. Africa has shown an increase of four times more than what was previously operating.

In Angola and Algeria, onshore and offshore drilling has tripled in the last 15 years. Even Kuwait has more than tripled their onshore and offshore drilling activities.

What this means is jobs / jobs/ and more jobs! The oil industry, both onshore and off, is one of high turnover. Not only are personnel needed for the usual turnover, but due to all the new activity MORE AND MORE RIG HANDS ARE NNEEDED THAN EVERY BEFORE.

Onshore and offshore recruiters alike are constantly looking for dependable personnel, for both US and overseas positions.

The number one problem facing oilfield recruiters in 2014 is a lack of qualified personnel. Here are just some of the positions that need to be filled IMMEDIATELY:
• Roustabouts / Riggers / Roughnecks
• Motormen / Derrickmen
• Drillers / Assistant Drillers
• Welders / Mechanics / Electricians
• Warehousemen / Deck Foremen / Painters
• Deckhands / Mates / AB’s

AND, due to this huge shortage of personnel, many of the positions come with AVAILABLE TRAINING PROGRAMS so that people with no prior experience can break into the industry, regardless of the experience level or location.

If you are interested in working in the oilfields of the world, either onshore or offshore, there are 2 essential things you need to know that will put you ahead of the competition and get your oilfield career off to a fast start.

Both of these procedures are explained step by step in Direct Access, the

Cpt Ron

“A Calm Sea Never Makes for a Skillful Sailor”

Canadian Oilfield and Offshore Job Opportunities

Canada is currently involved in a world wide search to fill critical oil rig job positions. Over the past 10 years, over $100 billion has been invested in Canadian offshore and onshore oil exploration and production projects.

Canada is currently involved in a world wide search to fill critical oil rig job positions. Over the past 10 years, $100 billion has been invested in Canadian offshore and onshore oil exploration and production projects.

These projects are connected to approximately 75,000 jobs nationwide. This number is predicted to significantly increase during the coming years. Total employment in Canada’soil rig job sector rose from 57,000 in 2001 to 96,000 in 2011, and that number keeps climbing!

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers has estimated that Canadian oil production will eventually increase to over 6 million barrels a day, up considerably from the current 3 million barrels. This increased production will dramatically increase the need for skilled oil rig job workers.

The good news is that for every additional new barrel of oil produced, additional oil rig jobworkers will need to be hired. By the year 2015, a minimum of 9.500 jobs will be created to handle the increased production.

By the year 2015, a minimum of 9.500 new jobs will be created

Francis McGuire, CEO of the Canadian based firm, Major Drilling Group International Inc., stated that even though the salaries are some of the highest in the industry, it is still difficult to attract and retain dependable personnel.

  • Employment in the oil-sands sector is projected to increase by 29 percent to almost 6,000 jobs
  • Pipeline jobs are expected to likewise increase
  • Total Canadian oil and gas employment is expected to rise to 145,000 jobs in the coming years

Right now, because of all the baby boomers leaving the industry, Canadian recruiters are seeing a high demand for skilled oil rig workers in specific occupations. Unfortunately for the recruiters (but very fortunate for you), the openings are not being filled nearly as fast as they become available. This problem has Canadian recruiters scrambling to fill these critical and high paying slots, which presents some wonderful opportunities for the serious oil rig job seeker.

Up until recently, one of the major problems facing non Canadians wanting to work in the patch were unreasonable immigration policies. In March of 2012, Jason Kenney, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration minister outlined an improved vision for a faster, more responsive immigration system that will better meet Canada’s economic needs

All types of  oil and gas well personnel are needed. experienced and entry level
(Industry training is readily available)

So exactly who is needed? What type of personnel are currently being sought? People with experience or training in these areas:

  • Derrick operators
  • Rotary drillers
  • Service technicians
  • Drillers
  • Testers
  • Welders
  • Electricians
  • Warehousemen / storkeepers
  • Truck drivers
  • Mechanics
  • Cooks
  • Medics
  • Roustabouts
  • Roughnecks
  • Riggers

Because the current demand is so high, many recruiters are currently seeking personnel from international labor markets including the United States, Angola, Brazil, Australia and the Philippines. This has influx of international workers has produced the highest number of legal immigrants in 50 years.

Many Canadian recruiters are seeking personnel from international labor markets

For over 20 years, Offshore Guides has been a leader in providing hard to find insider secrets about those wanting  to work in the offshore oil rig job industry.

If you are interested in this type of work, I would highly recommend you get your FREE COPY of “The Complete Offshore Employment Handbook”. This FREE publications is easy to read and offers a wealth of information on how to get hired in the oil and gas industry.

This book was written from my many years of personal experience in on working offshore oil rigs of various types all over the world. It is for both the seasoned hand and first time entry level personnel.

If you’ve never worked offshore before or have years of industry experience, this book will show you the do’s and don’ts of getting a high paying offshore oil rig job.


Cpt Ron
“A SMOOTH sea never made a SKILLFUL sailor!”

What Do I Need To Get Started In Offshore Oil or Gas Industry

Offshore Oil Rig JobsThe most often asked question I get asked about working in the offshore oil and gas industry is “what do I need to do to get started?”

Based on my many years of working in the industry,
both in US and foreign waters, in a variety of different positions
AND in being the author of a best selling book about offshore oil rig job employment opportunities as well as industry articles concerning the subject, this is my VERY BEST ADVICE:

  • Have a plan. You cannot successfully build a house without a plan, and you
    cannot have a successful job search without a plan. Having a plan is so very
    important, make sure you have one! The next question I usually get is “where
    do I get THE PLAN?”. These questions (and many others) are answered
    book written from my many years of industry experience about the ins and outs
    of how to get a job in the offshore oil and gas industry. I used to sell this
    book, but now I give it away FREE. Find out how to get a copy while supplies last.
  • While you are reading and digesting the ins and outs of getting hired offshore,
    you will want to have your resume or CV checked out to make sure it follows the
    format preferred by offshore recruiters (according to industry personnel managers,
    having a poorly written resume or CV is the NUMBER ONE reason for
    applicant rejection). Offshore Guides offers a FREE resume and CV evaluation and

Once you are familiar with the ins and outs of how to apply for offshore
and are satisfied your resume or CV is properly formatted according to industry
standards, you will want to start sending it out. There are two ways of doing this:

1.) You individually apply to each company that has a position you feel qualified to fill.
2.) You “blast” your resume to all the companies at once.

NOTE: We have found some people think the “blast” method is best as opposed
to applying to each company individually, because there is less time (and effort on
their part) involved. Offshore Guides has always promoted the “apply to each
company individually” philosophy as this allows you to develop a personal
relationship with recruiters. Many recruiters have told us this is the method they
prefer. Both of these methods are discussed in greater detail in THE COMPLETE OFFSHORE

REGARDLESS of what method you use, IT IS IMPERATIVE your resume or CV is written according to industry protocol, otherwise it will more than likely just get trashed.

  • After you have started sending your resume or CV out to companies that are NOW HIRING, you will want to check back with them in a week or two concerning the status of your application.
  • You will keep doing this until you get hired or get tired of trying.
  • Check back weekly with OffshoreGuides as we ADD 50 NEW JOBS EVERY WEEK!
  • Follow us on twitter. as I am beginning to post current offshore jobs on a regular basis.
  • Sign up and KEEP UP with our Offshore Oil Rig Jobs Blog at concerning the latest trends
    in the industry as well as who is hiring at the moment

Offshore Jobs! Now Hiring!

Are you ready to say goodbye to the monotony of the typical 5 days on, 2 days off, day after day, week after week of a mediocre, no chance for advancement, land locked job?

Offshore Guides is the original website for providing current, accurate and helpful information on how to get a high paying job in the offshore drilling industry. This information includes hundreds of immediate and available jobs in many different categories:

  1. Jobs on offshore drilling rigs: Semi-submersibles, submersibles, jack-ups, tenders, drill ships, derrick barges and platforms.
  2. Jobs on vessels that service the rigs: Crew boats, supply boats, anchor handling vessels, utility boats, rig movers and seismic vessels.
  3. Jobs with special service companies that provide additional support for rig operations: Catering, offshore welding and construction, sandblasting and painting, diving, demolition, casing, logging, transportation (helicopters and boats), security, medical, administrative, etc.
  4. Jobs on offshore wind farms: Installation, maintenance, repairs, etc.
  5. Jobs on land based oil rigs and related services.

The offshore / onshore drilling, special services and wind farm industries are huge, employing in excess of 3.7 million workers on a world wide basis. These jobs are extremely demanding physically and require you to be away from home for weeks at a time working in isolated and sometimes very hostile environments.

Rigs operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, week after week after week. The only time contracted rigs shut down is for repairs, bad weather or to move the rig. Because of these extreme working conditions, qualified personnel are always in great demand. This huge demand for offshore rig and boat crews keeps offshore recruiters continually searching for dependable people they can train and move up the ladder.

The main reason for so many job openings is the fact that the post-World War II “baby boom” generation is at the retirement door. OVER HALF of the offshore work force is expected to retire in the next several years and offshore recruiters are scrambling to find reliable replacements. Both technical professionals and rig labor are highly sought after at this time.

Veterans Are in High Demand:

Due to the explosive growth in the shale sector and the need to replace “baby boomers” nearing retirement age, there’s more opportunity for veterans to get hired offshore than ever before. Opportunities for veterans include:

  • All kinds of drilling rig or rig service jobs
  • The transference of skills from related military specialties, such as quality assurance / quality control, mechanics, welders, cooks, electricians / electronic techs, warehouseman, medics and personnel qualified in accounting and administrative duties

Two Ways to Get Started:

Having been a pioneer in connecting offshore jobs with people who want them, we have concluded there are two main ways to get hired offshore:

  1. You know someone (a friend, brother, brother in law, uncle, father, etc.) who is currently working for an offshore company and has the right connection to get you hired OR
  2. You don’t know anyone with inside connections and will have to somehow contact companies that are hiring and training personnel for present and future needs and convince them to hire you (above the thousands of others that are applying for the same positions

Having been in this business for over 30 years, and having helped thousands worldwide in their quest for offshore employment, we have concluded there are 2 very distinct and separate ways to apply for an offshore oil rig job:

  1. You can contact each company individually, PERSONALLY presenting them with your resume or CV and make follow up calls and inquiries OR
  2. You can “blast” your resume or CV to all the offshore recruiters / employers at once

Both methods have their pros and cons. Some people use the individual method, some people like to “blast” and some maximize their chances and use both methods.

For more complete information on where the jobs are, who to apply, what to apply for and personal services you won’t find any where else online, visit our parent site at Offshore Guides.