Great Crew Change

THE GREAT CREW CHANGE (and what it means to your future)

The offshore oil rig jobs industry, over the next 3 to 5 years, will face a severe shortage of skilled and dependable personnel, according to industry experts. This has created a tremendous hiring wave and presents some truly great opportunities for those wanting to work offshore.

This huge hiring wave is due to all the men and women from the “baby boomer” generation that will be retiring in the coming years, triggering mass shortages of key personnel. Some industry analysts predict more than half of the US offshore oil rig job workforce will be leaving the industry in the next couple of years. This is already creating huge crewing gaps that personnel recruiters are scrambling to fill.

Offshore recruiters are turning their attention to the young for both blue collar trade workers, maritime personnel and petroleum engineering and geoscience students who have recently graduated.

The American Petroleum Institute has no exact statistics on how many of the baby boomer generation will be leaving the industry, but many sources are agreeing on one thing; this is a time when replacements for key positions are badly needed.

Oil Rig Job Shortages:

In addition to middle and top level rig management and engineering positions, the following slots are predicted to be short of qualified personnel:

• Diesel Mechanics
• Electricians
• Welders / Pipe Welders / Fitters
• Motormen
• Storekeepers / Warehousemen
• Crane and Heavy Equipment Operators
• Medics
• Roughnecks / Derrickmen / Roustabouts
• Drillers / Assistant Drillers
• Motormen
• Cooks / Stewards / Galley Personnel
• Entry Level Trainee Positions

The offshore oil rig job industry is not the only segment where a severe personnel shortage is being predicted. The maritime industry and special service industry (the sector that provides specialized services to the oil rigs) are also expected to come up lacking. Just last year, the average attrition rate for the special service industry was a whopping 23 percent! Most industry experts consider this to be a “serious problem”.

Maritime Offshore Job Shortages:

The maritime industry includes OSV’s (offshore supply vessels), anchor handling vessels, crew boats, utility boats, seismic vessels, dive and ROV vessels, FPSO’s, ocean tugs and heavy lift transports. The owners of these vessels are always looking for qualified and dependable crew:
• Captains / Port Captains
• Marine Engineers
• Mates
• AB’s
• Ordinary Seamen / Oilers
• Deck Hands
• Divers / Dive Tenders
• Cooks / Stewards / Galley Personnel
• Entry Level Trainee Positions

Offshore Special Service Jobs:

*Mud Loggers / Trainees
• Wire Line / Slick Line Operators
• Loggers
• Casing Hands
• Cementers
• Offshore Demolition Crews
• Offshore Sandblasters / Painters
• Contract Welders / Welder Helpers
• Helicopter Pilots / Mechanics
• Cooks / Stewards / Galley Personnel

Due to an ever increasing demand for oil and oil products,the “offshore oil rig job” industry seems to be building rigs faster than recruiters can find crews to man them. One rig supervisor from South Louisiana said while education is always helpful, it is not the main ingredient in operating offshore oil rigs. What is needed more than anything is a strong back, a positive attitude and a good work ethic.

Training Intensifies:
Many companies are stepping up the intensity and duration of in house training and are currently hiring and training select personnel for present and future needs. Aptitude you can hire. Knowledge, skills and experience to successfully operate today’s high tech offshore oil rigs can only be developed through actual on the job training. There are new training schools appearing on the scene and the ones that have been around for awhile have increased their staff and the number of courses they offer.

One booming segment of the oilfield is the the US natural gas “shale gale” sector. In 2010 this sector alone supported more than 600,000 jobs and is projected to grow to nearly 870,000 by 2015. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the job opportunity in the oil and gas industry is quite plentiful. Someone is going to have to fill them, and it might as well be you!

While the availability of offshore oil rig jobs appears to be evident, the ability of companies to keep these jobs filled with dependable hands has raised some serious concerns among offshore drilling contractors, boat companies and special service companies.

For over 35 years, Cpt Ron & staff have been supplying helpful, relevant and current information about the little know hiring secrets of the offshore oil rig jobs industry. During this time, they have helped thousands from all around the globe and all walks of life break into this exciting and high paying occupation.

Through extensive client and recruiter feedback they developed a simple yet highly effective program that provides a clear and concise plan on how to get hired into the offshore drilling industry. The program works equally well for entry level personnel with no prior offshore or oilfield background AND with people with years of prior industry experience.

Based on his many years of offshore experience working both domestic and international waters, the program is built around “The Complete Offshore Employment Handbook” a best selling publication written by Cpt Ron outlining the critical and hard to find information about the little known secrets of getting hired offshore.

This one of a kind program will provide you with all you need to get an offshore oil rig job. If you want to jump start your offshore career, then check it out today!

Good Luck
Cpt Ron

17 thoughts on “Great Crew Change

  1. nishant

    hello sir,
    i have comleted my 4 yrs marine engineering course am a junior engineer with stcw 2010 certification could u plz tell oil rig for me which position will be suit my qualification i have indian cdc

  2. james mather

    I have been trying my hardest to get a break and get offshore but don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I have experience in painting and blasting on a gas plant and also working above water on railway bridges . can you please help me out ,I am willing to do steward, kitchen or roustabout work just to get my foot in the door

  3. gerwin zausa

    Gud day sir/maam,
    Im gerwin zausa I want to apply to your good company and experiencing the life on offshore.i have my new certificate and personal documents as well as my license in philippines.i have also expirienced as ship for couples of 4 ship in tanker such as oil/chem and product tanker.i have my resume for details…..thnx and God blessed us..

  4. kiran

    good day cpt sir, im marine engineering graduate, now i want to work oil rig…it s possible to work,,,i have 9 month experience as junior engineer…pls tell in oil rig for me which position will be suit my qualification and experience,, i have cdc,huet,boscet,stcw 95,certificte of competency also sir,,,pleae reply for my message???

  5. Peeyush

    My name is peeyush.I am an indian citizen.I have beenworking as an oiler in offshore vessel. I have experience in Ahts,supply,Tsm,stand by vessels.Do you have any vaccancy for me?

    1. cptron2 Post author

      Peeyush, we are not a direct hire company, we just write articles, provide job leads and other
      resources and point people in the right direction. Are you not happy with your current job?

      Cpt Ron

  6. evelyne rheault

    since a short time I did sent, with the best will in the world my resume as a Chef cuisine, with certificates…to be and enjoy being part of a crew one of your oil rig…please reply with diligence this would give a plus to you..and my energy…tying joyfully to be one of yours…


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